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Whether you are looking to ease muscle tension or simply chill out and relax, I have the perfect massage solution for you. Have a read of the descrptions below and choose your chill. Don’t worry if you are unsure, simply book the correct massage duration and we can discuss the options in person.

Thai Fusion

I trained in Thai Massage in Bangkok at Wat Pho, the birthplace of Thai Massage. Tradditionally, the service is carried out on a floor matt wearing loose clothing, but I have taken all the best bits of a Thai massage and infused them with a more relaxing Swedish Massage to make the experience a perfect combo of relaxing and body beneficial.

Swedish Oil Massage

So you’ve had a hard day/week and you want to alleviate some of that stress and tension, a Swedish massage will do the trick.

Whilst a Swedish massage feels incredible relaxing, it has some wonderful body benefits too including improving circulation, removing toxins from the body and easing any muscle tension.

At the end of the session, you will feel totally chilled, and the effects of the massage will continue to serve you long after..

I like to use Kaeso Premium Natural Oil for this service, it has a beautiful but subtle fragrance and feels great on the skin, but feel free to request an alternative if you wish.

My Swedish massage is gentle, but by no means ticklish. If you prefer a deeper massage or you have a specific problem you wish me to help you treat, I recommend booking a Thai Oil Fusion massage that is a little less relaxing but goes deeper into muscle tissue.

Booking a 90 minute service allows extra time on a specific area of your choice, and also a short head and foot massage, areas not covered in a 60 minute session.


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

An ancient heaing system from Hawaii that is meant to heal both body and soul. Whilst I am skeptical about the soul element (and I drop the prayers and chanting that this massage should contain) – I do think that the long full body strokes and some of the techniques make for a relaxing massage

Reflexology or Head Massage

 25 minutes of heaven!